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Harry Potter Costuming
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15th-Jan-2018 03:55 pm - ISO of SA Harry Potter clothes
Hey guys! I'm currently in search of these SA Harry Potter items to put together another cosplay I'm working on. My ISO consists of clothes worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the Deathly Hallows and Half-Blood Prince. Any help finding them would be very much appreciated!

- Belstaff Harry Stretch Velvet Jacket
- Maine for Debenhams Natural Corduroy Jacket
- All Saints Wesson Blue and Red Check Shirt
- Belstaff New College Blousen Light Blue Nylon Jacket
- John Rocha for Debenhams Lamb Wool Grey Zip Sweater
- All Saints Shadow Blue L/S Crew (Any Size)
- Levi's Long Sleeve Blue Checked Shirt (S, M)

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Other - Balloons
Posting this for Mandy, who posted this many years ago.  She is deleting her LJ but wants this post to live on, so here it is again.  Enjoy!

How to Make Your Own Hogwarts School Uniform (PoA version)
by Mandy’s Cosplay

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I'm selling an Advanced Potions book purse/clutch that I had custom made for me from an Italian seller. It's basically a prop of the Advanced Potions textbook in the HP films (the cover, spine, and back are printed) but in purse form! If you're looking for something unique and clever to carry your wallet and phone while in costume, this would work great.

The eBay auction can be found here.

29th-Jun-2014 09:19 pm - Robe colour
I struggle with finding the absolute perfect Gryffindor robe colour. The robes from the Wizarding World of HP at Universal Orlando are reddish in colour, while the ones from the Harry Potter Studio Tour of London in Leavsden are burgundy/slightly purple in colour. The ones from Whimsic Alley seems more burgundy than maroon.

I am looking for the same colour as in the movies - maroon, almost rusty red/brownish. As in this picture:

Any ideas? I know I'm really picky, but I'm a huge fan.
4th-May-2013 02:39 pm - Lochaven Tie?
Does anyone here own one of the Lochaven ties? I have their sweater vest, and was debating buying a tie, but I'm not sure what the difference really is between their tie and Noble's/Universal's.
29th-Jun-2014 06:16 pm - Lochaven

I'm new to this community, and I'm really excited to be a part of it.

As this is a community for HP Costuming, I assume you are familiar with garments from Lochaven International of Scotland. I am looking for a typical Gryffindor student look, and am therefore planning to buy scarf (300 g), quidditch jumper, tie and cardigan. I wonder how the garments are regarding sizes? I am between a S and a M, and wonder whether I should take the smallest or the largest size. I don't want them to be too loose, but not too tight either (so that there is room for the shirt).

I also wonder if the scarf with 300 g is too thick for a Scandinavian weather?

Please tell me about your experiences!
13th-May-2014 04:43 pm - Hermione heels
black hole
Selling my Hermione heels

I love them but they are too big for me =(

Click here
Harry Potter - pick me!
Hello everyone!

I bought these books from a lucky find on Ebay, but I haven't been able to find them again. They are journals in the style of 'Advanced Potion Making' and 'Standard Book of Spells.' They have the same cover art as the movies!

I used them on the 'Slytherin' table at my wedding, and they are awesome, but I am selling everything to pay off my wedding debt.

They are full auctions and both of them are at like $2 right now. So don't miss a chance to get something really cool for a great price. :) Thanks!

Standard Book of Spells: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321253209337

Advanced Potion Making: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321253208532

1st-Jun-2013 02:30 pm - Hermione Esprit Jacket for Sale
black hole
Sadly letting go of my Esprit jacket from the Hogwarts battle scene.

Click Here

I hope it goes to a loving home and hope someone gets to enjoy it for LeakyCon
10th-Dec-2012 05:00 am - Gryffindor for sale
Dragon flying
Hi, I am selling this Gryffindor sweater in a women's XL from Whimsic Alley (http://www.whimsicalley.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=60175A01).

(only sweater is for sale)

It's only been gently worn once. Near new condition.
PRICE: $35 + shipping with FREE delivery confirmation

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