ISO: SA Harry Potter items

Hey guys! I'm currently in search of these SA Harry Potter items to put together another cosplay I'm working on. My ISO consists of clothes worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the Deathly Hallows and Half-Blood Prince. Any help finding them would be very much appreciated!

- Belstaff Harry Stretch Corduroy Velvet Jacket
- Unidentified Grey Speckled Cable Knit Fisherman Jumper in DH: PT. 1 (Any Close ALT Style or SA)
- Blue-Green Canvas Backpack in DH: PT. 1 (Any Close ALT Style or SA)

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Selling an Advanced Potions Book Purse/Clutch - PERFECT for cosplay!

I'm selling an Advanced Potions book purse/clutch that I had custom made for me from an Italian seller. It's basically a prop of the Advanced Potions textbook in the HP films (the cover, spine, and back are printed) but in purse form! If you're looking for something unique and clever to carry your wallet and phone while in costume, this would work great.

The eBay auction can be found here.


Lochaven Tie?

Does anyone here own one of the Lochaven ties? I have their sweater vest, and was debating buying a tie, but I'm not sure what the difference really is between their tie and Noble's/Universal's.
Harry Potter - pick me!

Selling two rare Harry Potter book props!

Hello everyone!

I bought these books from a lucky find on Ebay, but I haven't been able to find them again. They are journals in the style of 'Advanced Potion Making' and 'Standard Book of Spells.' They have the same cover art as the movies!

I used them on the 'Slytherin' table at my wedding, and they are awesome, but I am selling everything to pay off my wedding debt.

They are full auctions and both of them are at like $2 right now. So don't miss a chance to get something really cool for a great price. :) Thanks!

Standard Book of Spells:

Advanced Potion Making: