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Harry Potter Costuming
29th-Jun-2014 06:16 pm

I'm new to this community, and I'm really excited to be a part of it.

As this is a community for HP Costuming, I assume you are familiar with garments from Lochaven International of Scotland. I am looking for a typical Gryffindor student look, and am therefore planning to buy scarf (300 g), quidditch jumper, tie and cardigan. I wonder how the garments are regarding sizes? I am between a S and a M, and wonder whether I should take the smallest or the largest size. I don't want them to be too loose, but not too tight either (so that there is room for the shirt).

I also wonder if the scarf with 300 g is too thick for a Scandinavian weather?

Please tell me about your experiences!
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